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We are RISQ Group. The go-to employment screener and verification expert for the Asia Pacific region. RISQ Group combines granular local knowledge with global sophistication. We are your single point of contact – always reliable; always accountable; always speaking your language. As part of the Sterling Talent Solutions family, we share the strength of one of the largest global providers of employment screening and verification and can deliver unparalleled levels of service to our clients.


Our team. Know who you’re getting.

With RISQ Group, the customer and the marketplace knows that it is getting a team of people devoted to delivering the best employment screening and verification available as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our people are the architects of industry best practice, have helped write the key standards, and hold top positions in the employment screening and verification community where they have shaped regional employment screening protocols.

That’s why governments, major banks and businesses across a range of industries turn to us first for their screening and verification needs.


“When you screen with RISQ there are no dropped balls, no queries unanswered, and no unexplained delays. We wouldn’t work with anyone else.”

Our regional leadership is built on local know-how and a bricks-and-mortar presence:



We care about people risk.

People should be a company’s greatest asset –but sometimes they can be its greatest risk.

Missing an employment risk isn’t just about hiring a poor worker, it’s about employing a time bomb. This time bomb can be poised to harm an organisation in potentially profound ways with devastating financial and reputational repercussions.

RISQ Group is devoted to preventing this time bomb from ever being hired and detecting those that may already be in an organisation’s ranks. Our keen attention to detail keeps organisations of all sizes safe.


“RISQ Group is incredibly thorough and they are always thinking about a better way of serving. They go beyond. And they never just tick boxes, they let us know what boxes need to be ticked and how best to do it. Their level of care for the whole of our organisation has always given us great confidence.”

Our client engagement model is unique.

Where others may have account managers juggling many clients at a time, we provide a single point of contact who understands your organisation and your processes – that means one person deeply familiar with all your needs who will stay with you throughout the screening and verification process.

What we can do for you.

We are capable of performing a wide-range of employment screening, verification and security vetting functions.

Our background screening and verification services are designed to:

  • Identify inconsistencies, misrepresentations, omissions or exaggerations in employment applications
  • Confirm historic work experience and education qualifications
  • Reveal recorded occasions of criminal or civil misconduct
  • Credential Verification: Vetting of past employment, references, qualifications and association membership
  • Identity Verification: Vetting of personal identity
  • Integrity Verification: Temporal searches based on criminal, legal and social media activity and financial standing

Our security vetting services include:

  • Outsourced background screening for the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA)
  • Comprised of tiered verification based on level of security clearance sought
  • Baseline Vetting: Vetting of background information, employment, education and personal associations of no less than 5 years

We also have a suite of Risk and Compliance offerings.  Click here to learn more about them.

KNOWN powered by RISQ is a dynamic repository of past screening outcomes that successive screening and verification “check-ups” can build upon for the benefit of seller and consumer alike.  Repeat screenings cost money and increase the chance of errors.  KNOWN means that ongoing checks always cover new ground and keep the ongoing screening process efficient and effective.

If someone hasn’t been KNOWN by RISQ, they haven’t really been screened. KNOWN is a screening and verification lifecycle tool that reduces costs and time-to-screen while increasing screening certainty.  Employers and consumers know exactly who they’re getting before and during engagement; employees and service providers enjoy increased confidence and ownership of screening records that journey with them throughout their careers; markets and industry sectors deepen their credibility.  Trust wins.

For The Service Provider

KNOWN powered by RISQ helps you stand out from anyone else who hasn’t had their credentials verified giving you a competitive advantage and starting your relationship with potential clients on the right foot.  KNOWN gives you one of the greatest competitive advantages available: trust.

Get KNOWN and Be Trusted.

For The Consumer

Trust can’t be taken for granted, especially when the things you value –your family, your home and your finances– are at stake.

When you see the KNOWN powered by RISQ logo next to your service provider, you know they have had their most important credentials independently verified by the go-to screener in Australia.

If they’re KNOWN, they can be trusted.