What is KNOWN?

KNOWN is a verification tool built for the sharing economy, created and delivered by RISQ to enhance trust and transparency.  With RISQ Group, you know you are getting a team of people devoted to delivering the best employment screening and verification process available.

RISQ Group’s people are the architects of industry best practice, have helped write the key standards, and hold top positions in the employment screening and verification community where they have shaped regional employment screening protocols.

That’s why governments, major banks and businesses across a range of industries turn to RISQ Group first for their screening and verification needs.

Police Check Badge.

The KNOWN verification service is used by Airtasker to issue the Police Check Badge.

For The Service Provider (Airtasker Worker).

KNOWN powered by RISQ helps you stand out from anyone else who hasn’t had their credentials verified.  It gives you the edge and starts your relationship with clients on the right foot. KNOWN equips you with one of the greatest competitive advantages available: trust.

How the process works:

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Get KNOWN and Be Trusted.

For The Consumer (Airtasker Poster).

Trust can’t be taken for granted, especially when the things you value are at stake. When your Service Provider has been verified by KNOWN powered by RISQ, you know they have had their credentials independently verified by the go-to screener in Australia.

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If they’re KNOWN, they can be trusted.