When most people think about the hiring process, they usually imagine it being completed after the employee signs the dotted line.  But the number of employees who resign during the first month show us otherwise — could it be we need to look at a hiring “continuum” rather than hiring as a single point in time?  That’s arguably what the probation period is supposed to do, but does it really work that way in practice?

According to recent research, part of the problem is primarily due to a poor onboarding process. 

Here is an excerpt from a recent article on the subject:

Research by recruiters Robert Half found that 59% of Australian managers have had an employee resign during their probation period due to poor onboarding processes, and 43% lost the new employee during their first month.

According to the survey of 460 Australian hiring managers, almost one-third (28%) believe their current onboarding process is “excellent”, while half (51%) say their onboarding process is “good”, and 16% say it is “sufficient”.

Australia’s hiring managers say it takes an average of five months for new employees to gain a level of proficiency where they can independently and successfully manage their responsibilities.

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